Hammett Insurance Services Inc.

susie hammett

William Hammett

Mr. Hammett brings over 37 years of management and sales experience along with a substantial national reputation as a pioneer in commercial limited medical benefits with a keen understanding for the particular needs of direct distributors (brokers & agents) in the group benefits arena.

In recent years, Mr. Hammett has been called upon to conduct training for employers and brokers, the goal being to better understand a very unique compliance and implementation strategy for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) using the so called “MEC” or “Skinny Option” as the platform.

Hammett Insurance Services assists brokers with product research, training, presentation and proposal comparisons at no cost to the agency, no increase in premium to the client and no reduction of built in compensation  

Susie takes care (is in charge) of finance and planning for the organization (and is partly responsible for our recent unprecedented growth)

Susie will take on a larger role in managing the affairs of the corporation as we move into more individual and supplemental lines of coverage in 2016 and beyond. 

Group Health Insurance Options for Hourly Workers