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MEC Plans

​     AKA: The Skinny Option

Beware & Be Aware

of solutions that seem too good to be true

Hammett Marketing Group assists brokers with product research, training, presentation and proposal comparisons at no cost to the agency, no increase in premium to the client and no reduction of built in compensation  

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) These are plans that utilize partial self-funding, combined with fully insured (first dollar) Fixed Indemnity plans to satisfy the primary employer mandate requirement of the Affordable Care Act. These products are typically far less expensive that traditional Major Medical plans 

Read our white paper -Evaluating skinny plan options and strategies  (LINK)


Food Services 

Fast food (franchise) and Restaraunt (fine dining)


Mall stores, mini marts and gas stations. Goodwill and clothing retail


Hotels and maintanance


Professional (Nurse and technical) Permanent placement

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Targeted Markets

Ask These Questions

  • Is this a Trust Plan?
  • What is the total risk to the employer for catastrophic claims?
  • How many ID Cards will an employee need to carry?
  • Who is the reinsurance carrier and how much is the premium?
  • Are my "fees" going towards premium or administration costs?
  • Is there a minimum participation requirement?

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